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Participation in the summer school is free, i.e. no fee is charged! However, participants should take care of travel, living, and accommodation expenses by themselves. Limited funding to support accommodation of participants may be available, but an applicants participation should not be conditioned on it. Further information will be posted on this site in the future.

Mexico City

Mexico City is the capital of Mexico and it is the most populous city in North America with approximately a population of 9 million people (21 million people within the total urban area). It is located in the Valley of Mexico (“Valle de México”), a large valley in the high plateaus in the center of Mexico, at an altitude of 2,240 meters (7,350 ft) the city is one of the most important cultural and financial centers in the world.


Mexico allows 69 countries and jurisdictions to enter Mexico for short studies (under 6 months), countries listed here do not require a Mexican visitor visa to enter Mexico for business, tourism, short studies (under 6 months) or transit. Please check if you need a visa to enter Mexico, by selecting a Mexican embassy in your country. In case you do, please notify us during the application.


Travel to Mexico city is simple by plane. The city has one large airport (MEX), with two terminals. Depending on the airline of your preference you may arrive in one or the other, however, there is a free transit train between both terminals. Transport from the airport to the schools accommodation site can be done through public buses (Metrobus), taxis or Uber.

We will organize an ice-breaker event during Sunday night (more info later). Therefore, it is your responsibility to make sure you safely arrive at the school's accommodation complex in Mexico City not later than:

14:30 on Sunday 26 July

If you don't find a flight connection that works on Sunday, we invite you to travel to Mexico City on Saturday, 25th July (at you own cost). You will find lots of activities to fill your extra time in Mexico City!


Participants are expected to take care of their safe travel to Mexico City and safe arrival to the accommodation site as well as the cost of their stay. The costs for participating in the summer school will be taken care of by the ASPP-LatAm organizers.

For simplicity we require everyone to stay in the same accommodation site. We have selected accommodation for all students and lecturers in a local hotel near the University City. The exact location of the hotel will be confirmed later on in the invitation letter but the accommodation will most probably consist of double rooms (with bed linen and towels), a shared bathroom and kitchen facilities (More on this in the future). We especially encourage you to bring a water bottle and mug, as we will like to minimize the amount of plastic garbage produced during school.

Check in / out will be on Sunday 26th July and Sunday 2nd August respectively.


Our lectures will take place in a seminar room at the University City, UNAM.

University City (“Ciudad Universitaria”) is UNAM's main campus, located within the Coyoacán borough in the southern part of Mexico City. It was built during the 1950s on an ancient solidified lava bed to replace the scattered buildings in downtown Mexico City, where the university's main campus was located. It was completed in 1954, and is almost a separate region within Mexico City, with its own regulations, councils, and police. It is autonomous and independent in a more fundamental way than most universities around the world.

In June 2007, “Ciudad Universitaria” was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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